How To Download Minecraft 1.6

how to download minecraft 1

Minecraft 1.6 requires the NEW minecraft launcher. It will not be available from your existing minecraft client. This means you need to go and download the new launcher, which is available directly from the official Mojang site or the site.

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How To Install Minecraft 1.6

Once you have downloaded the launcher, open it in the normal way. You will see this screen:

minecraft 1.6 launcher

You can play minecraft as normal from this screen. You’ll also notice at the top right hand of the new launcher there is the ability to select which version of minecraft you would like to play. It is said that in the future, players will be able to easily switch between current and earlier minecraft releases, making it much easier to work with various multiplayer servers and modpacks which may or may not have updated to newer versions of minecraft.

Minecraft 1.6 Will Make You Hungry | New Hunger Mechanics For Minecraft

minecraft porkchopMinecraft 1.6 will be released on the 1st of July, so it is a good time to get familiar with some of the little changes being made to the game. Yes, there are horses. But horses won’t be the most pressing concern when spawning in a new survival world (especially as you’ll have to find a dungeon saddle before you can ride one anyway).

The new food and hunger system is of much more interest, I believe. In the past, players could take damage to their health, but heal easily if they had a full hunger bar. Well, all that is changing.

Healing now consumes food in minecraft.

If you take damage, your food bar will go down as you heal. This means that you will get hungrier a lot quicker, and it also means that you will heal more slowly because your food bar will drop as you heal. If you are taking ongoing damage, it is even possible that you could actually starve before your health bar goes.

What does this mean?

Food Tips For Minecraft 1.6

Carry plenty of quickly consumable, high calorie food when out. This change to the hunger mechanic and food bar means that you’ll need to eat fairly often. Some players will no doubt enjoy this, finding it to be more realistic.

You may also need to be much more careful about your use of the sprint button. Remember, sprinting depletes the food bar quite quickly, and once the food bar drops below the regeneration threshold, you won’t heal very well or at all if you take damage.

Top Five Minecraft Villager Textures

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Minecraft Animal Crossing Download

minecraft animal crossing download

Animal Crossing can now be played as a minecraft survival map, hurrah! The popular community simulation game can now be played in blocky squares, with you as a player trying to fit into a new village, this time not populated by furry animals, but instead by not at all furry Squidward-headed villagers.

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Pokemon Sinnoh Download

minecraft pokemon sinnoh

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Download Minecraft Sinnoh!

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