Catching Fire, Minecraft Hunger Games Survival Map

Twelve unique biomes and special effects make this an exciting new Huger Survival Games Minecraft Team Challenge Survival Of The Fittest Shoot Arrows At Your Friends Map.

Catching Fire Minecraft Map Download

Red Dead Redemption Minecraft Map | Red Dead Redstone

red dead redstoneRed Dead Redstone takes the famous Western console RPG and converts it to the only format likely to be released for the PC: a minecraft adventure map. Fans of Red Dead Redemption will be pleased to learn that this isn’t a bland remake of the game, rather it is an entirely new map with new missions and even an expansion pack – as well as a resource pack.

Red Dead Redemption Minecraft Westward Expansion

The Westward expansion pack involves new terrain, new weapons and new combat in the original Red Dead Redstone format. Take your hero Daniel Wade into fresh lands and master the mobs that live there.

Download Red Dead Redemption for Minecraft!

Ender Virus, An Educational Minecraft Puzzle Map

minecraft virus map download

Ender Virus is a minecraft puzzle map that looks like a virus, feels like a virus and acts like a virus. It will replicate frustrating puzzles until you best it with a superior immune system and cells that reject its dangerous code injecting probe. In addition to being a ‘fun’ puzzle map, Ender Virus also teaches the player a great deal about the structure and operations of all viruses, which makes this a very educational minecraft map.

Download Minecraft Ender Virus Puzzle Map

The Lost Potato Minecraft Adventure Map Download

the lost potato mincraft adventure download

When there is just one potato left in all the world and that potato is missing, it is your job to find that potato. You must also save a piglet from being sent to the prison slaughter yards, and generally adventure the heck of the way out of your unfortunate prison in order to begin a journey that will be as epic as it will be described in blocks. Finding the potato will not be simple. It will be dangerous. It will involve lava. It will involve falling from great heights. It will involve reaching deep inside yourself and finding the strength and the will and the courage to seek down that starchy tuber and return it to its rightful home. There’s only one question left to ask yourself. Can you count to potato?

Download The Lost Potato.

Minecraft Treasure Hunt Server Plugin

minecraft magical lightening sword

Want to play treasure hunt in minecraft? Visit the Bravo Network minecraft server (presumably not related to the actual Bravo Network on account of that would make less sense than a porcupine stuck in a cuckoo’s nest. The plugin functions as such: a player begins the treasure hunt by finding a chest. They are then given the co-ordinates of the next chest and when they find that they must then find the next chest and the next chest, so on and so on until they find a final chest full of wonderful goodies, including randomly generated unique items, which are all the more unique for having been generated without any form of coherent sense in mind. The generated items are wonderful though, they include things like swords which cause ligtening bolts to come crashing down from on high, pickaxes which allow players to teleport, and armor that is impervious to any blade. Shiny!

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