Hoodoo, Minecraft PvP Map Download | How To Play Hoodoo

hoodoo minecraft pvp map download

Hoodoo is a much anticipated minecraft pvp arena map in which two teams take attacking and defending roles. Attackers / Invaders take one of five classes of animals:

Rabbit – Jumping and sprint bonuses.
Wolf – Warrior class with powered up sword.
Eagle – An Archer with an Ender Pearl.
Beaver – The engineering, building, support class, comes armed with blocks and tools.
Elephant – Tanking class. Designed to take plenty of damage whilst constantly grinding forward.

An invader can change classes after death, but not every class is made equal. Different classes ‘cost’ different amounts, and are paid for by turning in levels. Attackers earn one level per minute as the game progresses, so Attacking classes begin weakly, but grow stronger as the Hoodoo game progresses.

Diversity, Minecraft CTM / Adventure / Dropper Multi-Genre Map Download

diversity minecraft multi map

Diversity is actually more than a minecraft adventure map. IT’s also a minecraft arena map, a minecraft CTM map, a minecraft trivia map, a minecraft parkour map and the list goes on, including minecraft activities such as: minecraft dropper levels, minecraft survival levels and more. This map is the Philosopher’s Stone of minecraft maps, in other words. For every type of challenge completed, you are awarded a precious block of colored wool, which can be used to complete the monument, thus proving your mastery of all minecraft genres.

The latest version of Diversity was released on the 6th of August. I downloaded all 14.5 MBs and played it. The first thing about this map you should note is that it is made in Adventure mode. This means that for much of the map, there’s not a lot of crafting and there’s certainly no mining. In fact, these activities are strongly frowned upon.

Minecraft Leaky Tap Video

How to make water ripple in minecraft! Seth Bling has worked out how to create ripples of water in minecraft, paving the way for waves and tides and other types of common water slop currently omitted from the game.

Minecraft Schwarzenegger Sound Resource Pack Download

This minecraft resource pack takes famous quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger and his movies and inserts them into the game. Bats no longer squeal, they now say ‘Hi’ in deep Austrian-American tones. Chickens wander around declaring that they want to do something with their lives, and if you attempt to kill them, they yell ‘John Kimble!’ Horses ‘give up’ when struck, Pigs call for Douglas Quaid‘ and the hilarity continues with many in game minecraft Terminator, Total Recall and other Schwarzenegger references.

Schwarzenegger Minecraft Sound Download! (Link in description.)

If you want even more Schwarzenegger in your minecraft experience, here’s a Schwarzenegger skin download!

Jeoffrey’s Chamber Sound Based Minecraft Map Download

This singleplayer minecraft adventure map is made by the Noxcrew. It contains a unique in-game soundtrack. Your listening abilities will determine your success in this minecraft adventure, in which you have been captured by an evil doctor master emperor villain whose mother is seriously getting in his way when it comes to tormenting his newest prisoner: you.

This innovative approach to minecraft map making uses resource packs which allow creators to not only upload new textures to minecraft, but to change sound effects. Which means that there’s finally a way to neatly place sound events and sound effects in minecraft maps.

Jeoffrey’s Chamber is a relatively short map, but it is the cutting edge of what is possible in minecraft, so even if adventuring your way out of a dungeon sounds even remotely appealing, I suggest you go ahead and make the download happen.

Download Joffrey’s Chamber!

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