Revenge of the Dragon Egg Minecraft Adventure Map Download

revenge of the dragon egg minecraft download

The dragon egg is the most rare, most coveted and arguably, most useless item in all of minecraft. That is, until it is used in a creative and adventurous way to create one of the longest, most varied minecraft adventure maps of yes, all time. Revenge of the Dragon Egg is a minecraft advenure RPG with several unique and stunning locations including an idyllic island starting point, a spheroid biome level (now mandatory since the ‘biomes in spheres’ minecraft act of 2012, and a space station. The Chinese are going to make their own, but you don’t have to because the creators at DSLMediaPro already made one for you. (more…)

No Mod Minecraft Aging Tutorial

Getting old is part of life, but nobody ages in mincraft, or do they? Players want minecraft to be realistic. To that end, the hunger bar was added, so players playing on any diffuculty setting other than peaceful would hunger for the bounty of the world around them and be forced to grill porkchops and roast chickens and otherwise feed themselves in game. This tutorial will teach you how to install an aging system into vanilla minecraft, so the player slowly becomes more enfeebled over time using debuffs. This is a no-mod way to turn young Steve into old Steve, perfect for anyone developing an adventure map or a minecraft role playing map or server. Check it out!

Lord of the Rings Minecraft Biomes

the shire in minecraft

Word has it that a Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod is in the works! Part of that mod is a series of new LOTR biomes, ranging from the Shire to the enchanted realm of Lothlorien and the dark forest of Mirkwood, the dead marshes and of course, Mordor. Because no Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod would be complete without Mordor.

minecraft mordor

Want to learn more about this minecraft mod project?

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Check out the Minecraft LOTR Wiki, where you’ll find all the necessary information on this Minecraft LOTR Mod.

17th Century Minecraft Dark Ages City

minecraft 17th century city download

This 17th century city minecraft build created by Eat Blue Sausages isn’t just beautiful, it’s also rather historically functional. And by that, I mean you can go down to the experiment room and conduct some olde style experiments without any of the knowledge afforded to you by modern science.

Whirlpool Minecraft PvP Minigame Map | Minecraft Wipeout!

minecraft whirlpool pvp minigame download

This player vs player minecraft whirlpool PvP map represents a new way to war with your friends. The premise is simple, you are to fight one another whilst fighting against the current streaming through the whirlpool which you willingly drop yourself into for the sake of doing battle in a new and interesting way. Losers will find themselves sucked into the abyss. Winners may also eventually find themselves sucked into the abyss, but at least they’ll feel as though they achieved something before they went.

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