17th Century Minecraft Dark Ages City

minecraft 17th century city download

This 17th century city minecraft build created by Eat Blue Sausages isn’t just beautiful, it’s also rather historically functional. And by that, I mean you can go down to the experiment room and conduct some olde style experiments without any of the knowledge afforded to you by modern science.

Whirlpool Minecraft PvP Minigame Map | Minecraft Wipeout!

minecraft whirlpool pvp minigame download

This player vs player minecraft whirlpool PvP map represents a new way to war with your friends. The premise is simple, you are to fight one another whilst fighting against the current streaming through the whirlpool which you willingly drop yourself into for the sake of doing battle in a new and interesting way. Losers will find themselves sucked into the abyss. Winners may also eventually find themselves sucked into the abyss, but at least they’ll feel as though they achieved something before they went.

Woosh Games Minecraft Theme Park

minecraft theme park download

Minecraft’s classic theme park map, Woosh Games features:

Seven Mini-Games!


  • Dodge Bow,
  • Snow Fight,
  • Pig Rodeo,
  • Piston Boxing,
  • Sheep Breeders and
  • Jungle Race!


Elven City of Lothariel | Minecraft Fantasy City Download

minecraft fantasy city download

The Elven City of Lothariel is a minecraft fantasy city like no other. Glistening white buildings tipped with pure diamond are the work of minecraft build team Vadact. A great angel watches over the city, whilst towering peaks and sweeping arches make this one of the most beautiful minecraft cities of a great while, if not actually all time.

minecraft elf city download

Minecraft 1.7 Terrain Generation Update

There will be a new terrain generator in Minecraft 1.7. It will include all new terrain and biomes, and even some new trees. That’s the good news. The not so good news, depending on your attitude to these sorts of these things, is that oceans seem to have completely disappeared.

Check out the graphics from the Mojang Official Blog Update:

minecraft new vs old terrain generation

You’ll also notice that there are new items in the sea, or in the many lakes, whichever you prefer to call them.

Proponents of this new terrain generator sans oceans are pleased because, frankly, 1.6 is hard to get around in survival mode. You basically stick to whichever landmass you happen to spawn on, because striking out for new land with a very limited inventory and a tiny wooden boat feels like madness.

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