Minecraft Strawberry Jam Map Downloads!

minecraft strawberry jamThe Strawberry Jam challenge involved creating a Minecraft CTM map in less than 48 hours! This time honored tradition started in 2013, and continues on with the THIRD Strawberry Jam contest!┬áThe purpose of these minecraft jams isn’t to pit creators against one another, but to foster creativity and come up with new, fun ways to play the CTM genre. The maps in this collection range from the fast paced and action-filled, to the romantic and brave, to the downright awe-inspiring.

A Star in the Abyss – Ragirk

Many months have passed since the events of your previous adventure, the Song of Life, and you have returned to where your adventure begun so long ago. Beneath the ruins of the grand mining complex, you will search for three gems of extreme significance, so that you will be able to open the Starlight Vault and collect the magical crystal, the Star of the Underworld, the first step to knowing your past and destiny

Journey to the Light – Infinity8Miner
Into the Depths – moldybread1

into the depths minecraft map


You are a member of the Arial Coverage of Insectoid Developments, specifically the Team for Reconissance of Insectual Properties. You get to go inside a beetle. There are melons. You get shrunk. It’s pretty freakin’ awesome.

Eternally Us – Apollo9898

Your love and greatest friend, Elyssa, has been taken by the great beast of the north.

No one else can save her…

…except you.

romantic minecraft map download

Beyond Time and Space – TheXhen

space time minecraft map download

A Strange Train – yokcos700
Sandstorm – TikaroHD
Last Paradise – heliumjumper
Journey of Rebirth – soupbob

After dying, the worthy are sent to the cities of the afterlife, you were instead sent to the lake of rebirth, the entrance to the underworld. To get a second chance at life, you must journey into the underworld, and sacrifice the 4 wool and a block of diamond to the Temple of Sacrifice. Fight through hordes of the underworld’s undead and retrieve the heavily guarded wool.

The Tears We Shed – Drago
Diminutive Calamity – SirBrock
Redemption – The Sketch
Mortis Aria – Fangride
Into a Nightmare – rockenroll4life

nightmare minecraft map download

Along the River – Browneye414
Work in Progress – DetectiveNoir
The Atlas of Being – Sylf_

minecraft world map download

Restoration – frettory

Conquistadors Minecraft Survival Challenge Map

conquistadors minecraft survival map download

Conquistadors, ready your hounds of war and your armored horses, for you are about to make land on a fresh continent full of riches and minecraft survival challenges. This new minecraft survival island style map is unlike any to have come before it, a sensationally sculpted isle full of adventure.

Top Annoying Prison Architect Bugs and Fixes

Prison Architect is a prison building simulation which has been released as an alpha for quite some time now and presents with a bunch of bugs. Some are mere quirks. Some are game-breaking. Here are three I’d love to see fixed here.

Permanent Grass Bug

Grass, once laid, is impossible to remove. That means if you decide you want to extend your buildings, you can’t do it onto a grassed area. You can build foundations, but you can’t put new rooms there.


All Rooms Booked Education Bug

ALL ROOMS BOOKED is a bug which makes it impossible to run more than one education class. It seems as though no matter how many classrooms are built, or work hours assigned, your prisoners just won’t learn. Here’s a fix for ALL ROOMS BOOKED – make sure you have long work hours. Blocks of two hours at a time are not enough for the Foundation Education Program – you need at least three hours assigned to WORK in the regime tab. My foundation program, for instance, runs from 8 am to 11 am.

Workers Don’t Work Bug

Occasionally, prison architect’s workforce will go on an unexpected strike. Usually this is because one of the tasks on the workers’ list is unable to be completed, either because of another glitch affecting the completion of foundations, or because a worker has walled themselves in somewhere, or for no apparent reason at all. This bug has the charming capacity to completely shut down a prison, making it impossible to progress any further.

Banished and Starving! How To Make A Big City Without Citizens Starving

banished starving winter food

Banished rewards those who play the long game. Better to expand slowly and put the infrastructure in place to support population growth than to have your citizens starving or freezing to death. The children are the future in Banished, unlike other city simulation games where people just appear from the digital beyond, your population (mostly) only grows when it reproduces. The exception to this rule is the arrival of nomads, who will occasionally show up and attempt to join your city. You’ll welcome them with open arms at first, especially as your population begins to age and it seems that there are nowhere enough young people coming through to join the workforce.

This, of course, also means that your population growth is likely to be exponential.Two couples with three children can swell to twenty or more within three generations, and hundreds a few generations after that.

Live off the land, or become sustainable.

So, though initial stages of the game may seem slow due to the fact that there aren’t enough people to farm the land, or man the fishing station (fishing is an excellent way of keeping your citizens fed, as is hunting and gathering), don’t concentrate on creating more Citizens via more houses. Concentrate on having sustainable farms, forests, mines and quarries whose capacities grow with your population.

Long walks = Starving Citizens

Also ensure that you do not build all houses in one location, with food sources a long trek away. At the beginning of the game, it is a good idea to place crop fields near houses. A market will help when you start to build up the center of cities and it no longer becomes possible to have fields near every home.

Winter is coming!

Winter is always coming in Banished. From the outset, you must be warding against the coming of the cold by making sure there is plenty of food stocked in citizen’s houses (using the techniques above) and making sure that there is plenty of firewood available to heat their homes. Here’s a guide to getting lots of firewood in Banished.

Banished: How To Get Firewood


Firewood is an important resource in Banished. To get firewood, just clearing trees isn’t enough. You need to make sure that your city has a Wood Cutter. The Wood Cutter is a building which can be placed from the resource production tab (F8 and then 1 for the Wood Cutter). Once the woodcutter has been built, you’ll need to assign a citizen to it through the jobs panel. (F2 for jobs and then 4 for the Professions panel.)

banished woodcutter

The wood cutter (citizen) will turn wooden logs into firewood which will be burned by other citizens to keep their houses warm. Building stone houses instead of wooden houses will reduce your citizens’ need for firewood.

How To Get More Firewood (Citizens Are Freezing!)

If you’re running low on firewood, you can try two things. 1) Increasing production at your wood cutter. It’s possible that your wood cutter is stopping before you have enough to last the winter. Or 2) ensuring that you have more logs to turn into fire wood. Once you’re past the initial tree clearing stage of the game, you’ll need to set up Forester Lodges (F8 and then 2 for the Forester Lodge). Forester lodges ensure a steady supply of wood logs which can be turned into firewood by the wood cutter.

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