Minecraft Treasure Hunt Server Plugin

minecraft magical lightening sword

Want to play treasure hunt in minecraft? Visit the Bravo Network minecraft server (presumably not related to the actual Bravo Network on account of that would make less sense than a porcupine stuck in a cuckoo’s nest. The plugin functions as such: a player begins the treasure hunt by finding a chest. They are then given the co-ordinates of the next chest and when they find that they must then find the next chest and the next chest, so on and so on until they find a final chest full of wonderful goodies, including randomly generated unique items, which are all the more unique for having been generated without any form of coherent sense in mind. The generated items are wonderful though, they include things like swords which cause ligtening bolts to come crashing down from on high, pickaxes which allow players to teleport, and armor that is impervious to any blade. Shiny!

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