Instant Structures Minecraft Building Mod

Ever wished you didn’t have to go about actually building every single building in your minecraft world? Ever wished you could just open up the crafting table, toss in a few blocks and have a ready made home appear? Well your wish is now reality, thanks to Jason Once and his instant structures mod, which adds eight instantly craftable buildings to your world. Simply add the requisite materials to the crafting grid and you’ll be rewarded with a building block that can be placed anywhere you need an instant minecraft building.

Structures include two types of houses, one suitable for the nether, the other a pleasant villa where you can sleep and store your goods, a farm for people who don’t have time to go around hoeing the ground themselves, a tower for instant elevation above hostile mobs, an armory which prepares you for war preperations, a castle for when things get really serious and two types of hostile mob spawners.

Download the Instant Structures Minecraft Mod!

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