Drown, Minecraft Underwater Survival Map

This underwater minecraft survival map, correctly titled ‘Drown’ carries with it the imminent risk of dying by, you guessed it, drowning.

The twist in this survival map is the fact that the little sphere you find yourself spawned into is not the only sphere under the sea. There are others clearly visible in the distance and if you wish to survive you must make your way over to them through the crushing pressure of the water bearing down on you at all times, threatening to take your breath away.

Knowledge of cobblestone grinders is immensely useful in this map. Pro Tip: If your lava turns into obsidian, you’ve done something wrong.

The challenge of making one’s way through the watery depths of an unknown world is a great one. The additional spheres of glass provide goals to strive for and your basic minecraft survival skills will be constantly tested as you struggle to complete the challenges and eventually spawn new life under the sea.

Download Drown, Minecraft Underwater Survival Map!

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