Buried Alive! Minecraft Survival Map

In Buried Alive we finally have a minecraft survival map that requires all your mining skills to survive, yet doesn’t bore you to tears as soon as you find sticks and stones. Sticks and stones might break my bones, but they’ll break a boring survival map even quicker. So what’s the premise of this map? As is indicated in the name of the title, you begin your game buried alive. And by buried alive I mean actually buried in a hole. To get out of it, you’ll have to go back to basics and start punching, punching, punching.

What makes the map even more challenging than your average ‘stuck in a stone tomb’ experience is that it has been created in an ocean biome, which means no naturally occurring spawning animals. That’s not to say there’s no way to spawn some farmable beasts if you really put your mind to it, but it is to say that it won’t be easy. Get your hoe ready, you’re going to be eating a lot of bread and perhaps mushroom soup if you’re lucky.

In addition to the usual survival grind, the Buried Alive Minecraft map puts some rewards along your way. Though much of your journey will be spent at the coalface so to speak, occasionally you’ll stumble into pockets of civilization and encounter friends and foes along your journey too. There are some interesting and innovative challenges (not your usual ‘make a cobblestone grinder’ rot. Instead the challenges involve freeing trapped villagers, discovering secret areas and beating down iron golems.

For a fresh minecraft survival experience, download Buried Alive!

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