Arctic Block Minecraft Ice Survival Map

This map is unique in the fact that the block it is primarily made out of (snow) yeilds no useful blocks when destroyed. If you punch a snow block, you get nothing. If you craft a spade, you get snowballs. Snowballs are of very limited use in a survival situation. Best and worst case scenario combined, you end up annoying agressive mobs. Maybe you’ll push them off the side of the map, or maybe you’ll accidentally hurt an Enderman and bring down his or her teleportational wrath.

Obviously the snowman is the first thing you’ll cannabalize. Unfortunately a few blocks of wood and a bright orange nose don’t go all that far on the snowy wastes. You do start with a few additional resources, there are three blocks of grass, a single pine tree, and a bone. Not a whole lot admittedly, but better than a slap in the face. If you do destroy the snowman completely, you’ll automatically fail objective #6: make a hat for the snowman out of iron blocks. Because snazzy headwear is more important than not perishing on the snowy wastes.

This has all the makings of a classic with the limited resources, void below and far off locations with important resources stocked upon them.

Download Arctic Survival Minecraft Map!

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